Lend, Margin Trade and Earn on Layer 2
Amy Finance is a Layer 2 based & LP-friendly Lending Protocol. It's a fair launch project without a presale and private investors. As a community-driven project, Amy Finance helps users to earn safe and high yields. By staking assets into the assembly pool, each LP/Staker will receive the interests generated from lending and leverage trading without any loss. Moreover, users can borrow assets from the pool and conduct margin trading in one app. The transaction fee will be extremely low owing to the L2 native design. The design of Amy Finance can lift the revenue and maintain the same level of fund security as the classic lending protocols do.

Why we build Amy Finance?

The reason we build Amy Finance in the first place is to truly reduce risks for users and improve user experience. We'll realize it through designing a better lending protocol deployed on Layer 2.
Capital efficiency has always been a problem faced by all DeFi players, but very few teams manage to solve it through the underlying design. Assembly Pool offers one solution: one pool for multiple usages. With this, lenders can enjoy diversified benefits with very low arbitrage risk. The several mainstream leveraged lending protocols on the market are constrained by impermanent loss, but in Amy’s ecosystem, the capital utilization rate can be increased without leveraging.
Recently, the problems of flash loans are looming large. Many problems have occurred because of poor protocol design and false risk assessment. We believe that the improvement of the capital utilization rate should not be accomplished at the expense of capital security. In an environment where asset prices fluctuate in seconds, we believe that users with different risk preferences can hedge against risks for each other and therefore establish a balanced ecosystem.


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